Maybe Lincoln should have let the red states go. There are too many fundamental disagreements with the direction this country should go. The so-called moral value vote is what did in John Kerry. This was led by ballot measures to make gay marriages illegal, mostly in states in which it was already illegal. It is obvious that this so-called value vote is a cover for white male racist and homophobes. These voters in the red states were only democrat in name 40 years ago they were often referred to as dixiecrats who voted Democrat because of the civil war but started to vote republican because of civil rights and desegregation.We cannot keep fighting these same battles with those in previous forms justified slavery lynchings and segregation.

Playing on Americans fears and on divisive issues George W. Bush appears to have been elected President (he was never elected in 2000 so he cannot be “re-elected”) of the United States.

George W. Bush is not the President of all the people. America is a divided nation the entire west coast of the United States went for John Kerry. African Americans preferred John Kerry 90% to 10%. The entire northeast of the United States voted for John Kerry. States with the largest cities in America all went for John Kerry. George W. Bush is not the President of all the people. Why should the 48% of Americans that voted against him be subjected to his right wing agenda?

There are issues in questions that remain. Was there voter fraud and intimidation in Ohio just because the media says it has not happened in our experience does not make it so. We do not know how many votes from African American districts in Ohio were thrown out or simply not counted. Republican officials in Ohio have tried through voter intimidation and fraud to deny the black vote in Ohio. We may never know if John Kerry ceded the election prematurely especially with hundreds of thousands provisional ballots outstanding.

History will note that the election of George W. Bush as a sad day in the history of the United States if not the world.