On the heals of the tape illustrating the guy who played Kramer on Seinfeld use of the N word against an African American who was heckling during his performance herein lies what we deem is the appropriate use of this heinous “word”.

People of European Descent

For people of European descent in America or anywhere else in the world, the N word should never be said. It should never be said publicly or privately. As the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed not all speech is free speech, some speech when used enters into the realm of unprotected speech, such as yelling fire in a crowded theatre the N word is such a word. It is a word that can only be associated with the most evil of racial hate, when use by whites it is a potent weapon of white supremacy used to keep that N in his place. It is the nuclear option for whites for which recovery is difficult if not impossible. Any white person who expresses dismay on why they cannot use the word the way some black people use it are ignorant of the history of racial violence in America against black people and are likely racist at a conscious or subconscious level. They need anti-racism training and their minds humanized. I was at a friends house who is of European American descent and she used the N word to describe the use of the N word by some black people. Shocked that she uttered the word, I immediately took a chair to her head. No I didn’t but I did express that I believed the use of the word is unacceptable in all cases yes even to describe itself.

Use of the N Word by People of African Descent

The word should never be used by any black person ever and especially in referring to another black person. Though this is widespread particularly among the youth, we do not buy the so-called attempt to take the word back nor the differentiation that when black people use the term it ends with a “ga” as opposed to the more offensive “er” used by whites. We disagree. The N word is unique. As stated above it is a word of racial hatred and when used amongst each other it is a symbol of self-hatred, merely taking the role of one’s oppressor and a verbal expression of self-hate. It is a word that cannot be separated from its origins in hate. This is evident in the fact that when uttered by a white person its historic meaning and purpose resonates.

All Others

I was at a middle eastern restaurant when two intoxicated possibly Indian (India) Americans sat to the table to my right. One slightly more intoxicated then the other referred to his friend as his N. Let’s be clear. No other person of color should utter this word to another of the same ethnicity or other ethnicity even in a friendly manner. It exemplifies ignorance of the history of that word of as a means and weapon of control of other people of color in the world. And of course white hip hop heads too should never use this term either when referring to other white hip hop heads or African Americans or else they are likely to catch a beat down.

There it is the appropriate use of the N word. Never.