George Zimmerman followed against police orders started a fight and shot a 17 year old black teenager on his way back from purchasing a pack of skiddles. All white jurors once again found that it is not guilty to kill a young black male for the only crime of walking home. For the crime of looking suspicious to an over zeallous neighborhood watchman. He was racially profiled, confronted, defended himself and then was shot.

To say no justice is not enough. To say the words no justice for Trayvon or Oscar Grant is just not enough. All white jurors found police officers committed no crime in beating the late Rodney King. We have to ask what kind of country do we live in and want to live in. No manslaughter, no second degree murder. The jurors decided Zimmerman committed no crime at all.

How long do the oppressed continue to wait for the “system” to work before there is time for something new?