Wisconsin Congresswoman Gwen Moore’s impassioned defense of choice and Planned Parenthood and the plight of the impoverished in America in the face of Republican budget attacks on American’s struggling to get by, meanwhile continuing to give tax breaks to Wall Street billionaires who caused the great recession, is our video of the week. Republicans in Congress do not want billionaire’s to pay just 3 percent more in taxes, they would rather cut from the federal budget money that helps kinder gardeners go to preschool, help poor Americans get food assistance, or funding that helps keeps big corporations from polluting the water that we all drink.

Speaking of Wisconsin, we thank the people for standing up and fighting back against a right wing newly elected Governor who has in a just short period of time behaved more like a dictator. His plan to eliminate the right of American workers to organize and bargain together whether working for the government or not is well un-american. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s (to some also known as Gov. Mubarak) plan is ultimately a plan to eliminate the strength of the democratic party. If Republicans can eliminate unions coupled with their unlimited donations from big corporations in political campaigns thanks to the the Supreme Court (Citizens United case), then the democratic party will be at a major disadvantage during elections.