Republicans in the U.S. House of Republicans consisting of a small group of mostly wealthy white men have decided to shut down the United States government for the second time in 20 years at a time of economic insecurity and at a time when global national security threats exists. They have truly revealed themselves to be a joke. This small group of men are affecting the livelihood of millions of Americans who need to pay their mortgages, their rent, their child care. Republicans have shut down the government for the sole reason that they cannot stand the fact that millions of Americans will have access to health care. That Insurance companies can no longer kick people off insurance for pre-existing conditions like having a cold. They cannot stand the fact that President Obama was elected and re-elected by the American people by about 5 million votes.

House Republicans and some in the Senate live in fairytale Fox News right wing radio land. The Fox News land that told them that Romney would win in a landslide. A fairytale land that tales them that if they keep voting to repeal Obamacare somehow the Democratic Senate and a Democratic President would go along with it. A law that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled constitutional. A law that the majority of Americans actually do support. Their opposition to the Affordable Care Act now appears pathological and dangerous. A party really close to the end of itself.

Republicans endless obsession in not wanting American’s to have affordable health care is bizarre and brazen in its hatred of middle class and working class Americans. They no longer seek to hide their disdain for the American people. They hate government but yet have pursued a career in government. Republicans don’t want to do or are incapable of doing the job they were elected to do. Govern. As Senator Reid stated, they are anarchist, not Republicans.