Another day, another judge acquits officers of the shooting of an unarmed black man in New York City. Although two of the cops involved in the Sean Bell case were black here is where the mainstream media misses the racism. If the three young men were all white males in there early twenties leaving a bachelor party at a strip club, not a single shot would have been fired by those undercover police officers acquitted in New York. Is there anyone who really believes that the police would have fired on three young white men?

In the constant acquittals of police officers for shooting unarmed black men its clear that one holding of the Supreme Court’s decision in Dred Scott still stands, that the black man has no rights that are bound to be respected by the white man. This courtroom truism seems to specifically apply to police departments across America regardless of the race of the cop who uses there weapons against black men. The Bell case in NY as the Diallo case are clear examples of excessive police force in the killing of unarmed black men. The police force and the men responsible get no retribution no justice served upon them at least in this world. A cop merely has to state with no additional evidence that they thought the suspect was reaching for a gun. There must be a higher standard for the police, acting as the state, to kill a human being.

Consider the following:
1992 Los Angeles. Four white officers acquitted of beating Rodney King, unarmed motorist, caught on videotape. The not guilty verdict sparked a violent uprising.
1999 New York. Killing of African immigrant Amadou Diallo, cops fired 41 shots as Diallo reached for his wallet. The officers were acquitted.
2000 New York. Police shoot unarmed black suspect. No charges filed.
2001 Cincinnati. Police shoot unarmed black suspect, that caused riots rivaling the intifada the officer involved was acquitted.
2006 Milwaukee. White officers acquitted by all-white jury of charged in vicious brutally beating an African-American man.
2007 New Orleans. Police officer acquitted of beating man in Post Katrina video.
2008 New York. Officers Acquitted of killing unarmed black man Sean Bell on his wedding day, after firing 50 shots.

In 2002, there was a study by a University of Chicago Professor which showed that police officers “were quicker to decide not to shoot an unarmed white suspect than an unarmed black suspect and slower to decide to shoot an armed white suspect than an armed black suspect.” In a Google search we could not find a shooting by the police of an unarmed white suspect…